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About Us

Claims Bureau New England, Inc., provides thorough casualty field investigations throughout New England.  With years of experience, we have been obtaining signed statements in any language, locating people for interrogatories, Fire Scene Investigations, to just about anything and everything you feel needs investigated.  Auto accidents, workers' compensation investigations, product liability, burglary and more.  Please click here for all our services.

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We have provided a convenient form so you can send us an assignment that will be securely encrypted once you hit the submit button.  Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation notice that we received it in our email box. 

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To assign a fire cause and origin online, it will be encrypted and securely sent to our fire consultant at  Please
click here to assign a Fire Assignment.  Thank you.

Please note, if you're coming from our fire investigation site, at  CauseAndOrigin.Info, you will be brought back to to send in an online assignment so it will be encrypted.

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Please send us your resume if you feel qualified for a job within our company.  If the position you're applying for is filled, we will save your resume for future reference.  Thank you.

Corporate Profile


Claims Bureau New England, Inc. is owned and operated by Gerard Mulcahy with headquarters in Bedford, Massachusetts. 

This successful company began in 1956 by Robert T. Mulcahy as Casualty, Life and Surety Companies, d/b/a Claims Bureau.  Today, Gerard Mulcahy, his son, continues in the same degree of professionalism, and provides quality investigations to support attorneys and adjusters preparing their case.  We take pride in our investigations with continued honesty and integrity that you will find in our formal reports, which are concise and accurate.  We approach each investigation as though the matter will someday be heard in court.


Please download our eBrochure for your convenience.  As always, we will be happy to snail mail you a brochure if you ask us.

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This page, Fax Us An Assignment,  was developed so you could download an assignment sheet, fill out the form and fax it over to us.  We will call to thank you so you obtain a confirmation. 

Forgot something?  This "Additional Assignment" page was developed with minimal questions.  We know you're busy and we are always looking for ways to help.

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In a Hurry?  Usually that's the case more often then not, therefore, we offer a quick and easy way to contact us with a few questions to help you along the way.

Investigative Services

We perform a variety of straight claims investigative services out in the field where we obtain detailed information, not something you can receive over the internet or from someone behind the counter at the clerk's office.  We dig further for all unanswered questions. Please click here for a list of services.

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Please understand this page is exclusively for our investigators to help them with their investigations while out on the road.  If you would like to contact one of our agents, please use our contact us form and specify the agent you wish to contact.  Our agent will get your message and then contact you himself.  Please make sure you tell us how and when to contact you.

Our Mission


Our Mission is to support the defense attorney and claim's adjuster with accurate information to determine liability and subrogation possibilities.  Our approach is that every investigation may go to trial. We tackle your claim intelligently and report factually.


As you will see, we keep our rates lower then most of our competitors, even though we know our investigations will bring you 100% of your answered questions.  Our company and experienced investigators are proficient and reliable.



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