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Welcome to our web sites,, and our newest site, still in the process of developing, CauseAndOrigin.Info.

We thank you in advance for reading our statements.  We hope you agree with our privacy, terms & conditions statement and return to visit us often.

We feel our statements are like most standard web sites that you visit on the world wide web and our privacy, terms & conditions statement is here for our legal protection as well as yours.  If you do not feel comfortable with our Privacy, Terms & Conditions, then we're sorry, but we must ask you to leave our web site. 


Our web site, as with most standard web sites, will collect cookies.  You may decline cookies by going up in your internet explorer menu and click on "tools" then go down to "internet options" and once there "delete cookies", but this site may not work properly without them. These cookies will show us pages visited, browsers used, such as Google, IP addresses and dates. They do not show your name or specific location, such as your address or telephone number.   Although these statistics automatically come with web site hosting, as with most other web sites accounts, it is intended for business sales advertising to learn where advertising costs would most appropriately be spent. 

However, when you contact us through an online form, here we obviously will be collecting private information, such as your email address, your name or other information you include.  We will make every effort to preserve your privacy, although under court order, it may be required by law.  We will save this for our business use only.  We will not sell this information and therefore, you won't get any spam.

Unanticipated privacy uses not previously disclosed in our above statement may change from time to time and will be modified on this page.

If you feel that this site is not following its stated privacy policy or have any questions, you may contact us at

Terms & Conditions

Again, for legalities, our Terms & Conditions statement is like most web sites you visit on the world wide web.

Our Terms & Conditions statement follows:

While visiting our web site or any of our links by you, your company employees or family members, minors, friends or acquaintances, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Claims Bureau New England, Inc., its company's affiliates, its agencies, officers, directors, heirs, successors, agents, independent investigators, our agent's families and our employees. We shall not be held liable for your injury, loss of damage of any kind while viewing our web site, including computer viruses of any kind, information, advertisements, promotions, goods and services, downloads, which disclose, exhibit, offered, provided or found on this web site.  You agree we are not to be held liable.

You agree Claims Bureau New England, Inc., is here to supply you with information about us, along with the ability to fill out an assignment sheet to send us an investigation request.

You agree to hold harmless Claims Bureau New England, Inc., against any claim, cause of action or demand including without limitation legal and accounting fees brought on by you or on your behalf in excess of the liability described here or by third parties as a result of your use of this site. If you find Claims Bureau New England, Inc., terms unacceptable, please do not use this web site. With your continued browsing or anyone using your computer, you show us you agree with this policy and that Claims Bureau New England, Inc. or its subsidiaries shall not be held responsible or liable in any way.

We strictly prohibit your use in whole or in part Claims Bureau New England, Inc.'s, or its subsidiaries' copyright and trademark's corporate name, slogan, brand, photographs, art or motto.

Claims Bureau New England, Inc., reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any given time.  Please return if you feel the need to read the modifications and we ask that you take a moment to read our privacy statement too.

However, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, please do not hesitate to call us at 800.342.8877 or email us at

Thank you for taking the time to read our statements.

Warm Regards,

Jerry Mulcahy
Claims Bureau New England, Inc. 


Revised:  April 10, 2006





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